Ryan and En-Chih are highlighted in OPR&D

Congrats to Ryan and En-Chih! Our recent paper on decarboxylative cross-coupling ( is highlighted in OPR&D (

State Fair 2019! Market Science Returns

Thank you to the lab who made a return trip to Market Science at the MN State Fair. We had ~275 participants and made >180 batches of slime!

Gassman Award Winners!

Congratulations to En-Chih Liu for winning the 2019 Gassman Award for an outstanding talk during the 3rd year graduate symposium: En-Chih spoke about this recently published E-CuAAC reaction:

Angela Carlson was awarded an Honorable Mention for her outstanding presentation on Bromodomain inhibitors! Congrats Angela!


En-Chih's Enantioselective Click!

En-Chih's many long hours of working on an enantioselective click reaction have finally paid off, because his paper was just accepted to JACS!

Way to go En-Chih! We're sure this is the first of many!