State Fair 2019! Market Science Returns

Thank you to the lab who made a return trip to Market Science at the MN State Fair. We had ~275 participants and made >180 batches of slime!

Chemistry at the State Fair!

Once again, on STEM day at the state fair, we taught everyone how cool chemistry is! From learning about ocean acidification to making a hidden message (or some slime!) everyone had a good time. Thanks to Market Science (https://marketsci.org/) for helping us spread our love of chemistry!

JACS Paper Number Two is Here!

Our second paper submitted to the Journal of the American Chemical Society was just accepted! Congratulations to Matt, Rami, and Cristian!

STEM Day at the Minnesota State Fair!

In collaboration with Market Science (https://marketsci.org/), we went to the state fair to teach kids from all over about how fun chemistry can be! I don't know who had more fun: the kids, the adults, or us volunteers! Overall, we taught over 400 people about ocean acidification, precipitation reactions, catalysis, and how to make slime!To learn more about STEM Day at the state fair, visit http://www.mnstatefair.org/entertainment/special_days_events.html or https://www.facebook.com/MNSTEMDay/